Index of Authors and their Work

Gilbert Bebee
Eternal Vital Union

By David Bartley  (large file)
Man Redeemed From Sin and Death
By J. P. Boyce
Local, Visible EKKLESIA
By Isaac Backus (Google Books, large file download)
A History of New England Particular Baptist
The Sovereign Decrees of God

By John Brine
A Defense of the Doctrine of Eternal Justification
A Refutation of Arminian Principles
By Hercules Collins
A Discourse Upon the Decrees of God

By Dr. R.E. Pound
Biblical Trinity Views and the Nicenist
The Doctrine of Providence

The Biblical Doctrine of Reprobation
Christ's Redemptive Knowledge
The Eternal, Paternal Union Preserved and Maintained by Jesus Christ (part 1)
The Eternal, Paternal Union Preserved and Maintained by Jesus Christ (part 2)

Exaltation of Jesus Christ
The Form of Christ in His Resurrection
The Form of Christ, As The Divine Equal
Thoughts on Christ's Generation, Eternal or Timely?
The Communicated Glory of God the WORD
A Review of Arianism
A Brief Statement Concerning the Humanity of Jesus Christ
Historical Conflicts About Jesus Christ's Two Substances
No. 0   Actual or Decreed Existence?
No. 1   The Substance of Christ's Manhood
No. 2   The Substance of Christ's Manhood
No. 3   The Substance of Christ's Manhood
No. 4   Was Jesus Christ the Seed of David
No. 5   Christ's Natural and Spiritual Body
No. 6   Jesus Christ as the Father's Heavenly Manna
No. 9   Christ's Self Sanctification
No. 10 The Antiquity of Christ's Mediatorial Office
No. 13 The WORD'S Immutability
No. 14 Jesus Christ the Mediator Before the Incarnation
No. 15 Christ the God-Man at God's Right Hand
No. 17 Nicene's Origin of God the Word
No. 19 The Chalcedonian Debates
No. 21 Christ's Manhood
No. 22 The How of Christ's Deity
Mary's Part in the Incarnation
God the Eternal Word
Why the Ommission of the Three Heavenly Witnessess?
Docetism, A Definition
No. 1  Old Testament Short Studies

An Investigation of Arminian Baptism
Particular Baptist Origins and Outreaches, 1633-1660
The Administrator of Baptism
Vindication of the Old Paths
Critical Lectures on Baptist Succession
A Grammatical Study of Ekklesia
The Biblical Method of Church Constitution
The French Connection
The One World Economy
Glennings from Revelation
Studies from Daniel Chapter 7
Historical Pre-Mellennial Position Defined
Peace and Safety

Some Critical Lectures on Baptist Succession
Particular Baptist Origins, 1633-1660
Notes on Londons Oldest Baptist Church
The Particular Baptist Outreach in the Midlands
The Christology of the King James VersionThe Christiology of the Textus Receptus
Bezae Codex Cantabrigienses
Some Disputed Verses in the Ancient English Version
Gospel Churches and the True and Proper I John 5:7 and John 1:18
Investigating the Donatist and the True I John 5:7
The Textus Receptus, The Mennonite Trinity and the First London Confession
Excerpts From Dr. Pounds Larger Work, The Grace of Obedience
The Coming Final Great Tribulation
The Nation of Israel and the City of Jerusalem in the New World
Will There be a One Thousand Year Monarchal Rule of Christ?

The Divine Names in the Book of Job
Enlarged Views of the Eternal God-Man

By Edward Drapes
The Manifesting of the Man Christ Jesus as Mediator
Christ Jesus as the Mediator
The Visible and Invisible Worship of God
By Benjamen Cox
Pelagian Errors
By L. P. Brockett
The Bogomils of Bulgaria and Bosnia
By Robert Garner
Mystries Unvailed, The Doctrine of Redemption
A Treaties of Baptism
By John Gill
The Doctrine of Presdestination
By Charles Foster
A Plea for the Authenticity of the Text of the Three Heavenly Witnesses
Large Google Book File
By C. B. Hassell and Sylvester Hassell
Characteristics of the Apostolic Church-
Twelve Marks of an Apostolic Church
By Benjamin Keach
The Suretiship of Christ Opened

The Church of Jesus Christ in Biblical Types and Metaphors

By Henry D'Anvers
IInnocency and Truth Vindicated
Theopolis or City of God, New Jerusalem
By William Kiffin
A Sober Discourse of the Right to Church-Communion
A Breif Remonstrance, The Reason and Grounds for Their  Seperation (Anabaptist)
By Hansard Knollys
The Revelation
The World That Now IsThe Church, Ministries and Ordinances
Parable of the Ten Virgins
Song Of Solomon
A Moderate Answer to Dr. Bastwick

Christ Exalted: A lost Sinner Sought and Saved by Christ
Mystical Babylon Unvailed

By Danial King
Way to Sion I
Some Beams of Light
Stumbling Blocks Removed
By John Clark
ILL News From New England
By Paul Hobson
Practical Divinity
By Donald Moffiitt
Ecclesiological Downgrade: The Loss of the Doctrine of the Local Church
By Thomas Patient
The Doctrine of Baptism and The Distinction of The Covenants
By T. Paul
Answers to John Bunyan
By J. M. Pendleton
An Old Landmark Reset
By Dirk Phillips
The Sending of Preachers or Teachers
By J. C. Philpot
Apocalyptic Sketches
By John Pendarves
Arrows Against Babylon
By  Robert Robinson
A plea for the Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ
This is a digital copy from Google Books and a very large file.
Expect a long download
Ethan Smith
A Treaties on the Character of Jesus ChristBy
View of the Trininty
Large Google Book

By Adolph Saphir
Christ and the Church,Thoughts on The Apostolic Commission

Christ and the Church No. 1
Christ and the Church No. 2
Christ and the Church No. 3
Christ and the Church No. 4
Christ and the Church No. 5
Christ and the Church No. 6

By William Smoot
The Gospel Ministry
By John Spencer
The Lawfulness of Every Man Exercising His Gif
By John Spilsbery
God's Ordinance, The Saint's Privilege
A Treaties Concerning The Lawful Subject of BaptismThe Funeral Sermon of John Spilsbury

By William Jeyes Styles


Church Fellowship   No. 1
Church Fellowship   No. 2
Church Fellowship   No. 3
Church Fellowship   No. 4
Church Fellowship   No. 5
Church Fellowship   No. 6
Church Fellowship   No. 7
Church Fellowship   No. 8
Church Fellowship   No. 9
Church Fellowship   No. 10
Church Fellowship   No. 11
Church Fellowship   No. 12
By John Spittlehouse
A Vindication of the Continued Succession of the Primitive Church
By Richard Simon
A Critical History of the Text of the New Testament
Large Google Book File
By Samuel Richardson
Divine Consolations
Justification by Christ Alone

The Necessity of Toreration in Matters of Religion

Plain Dealings: The Unvailing of the Opposers of the Present Government
Questions: Whether Corporal Punishment may be Inflicted for Errors in Religion

William Rushton
A Defence of Particular Redemption
By John Stevens
An Answer to Fuller's-Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation
Answer to Fuller #1
Answer to Fuller #2
Answer to Fuller #3
Answer to Fuller #4
Answer to Fuller #5
Answer to Fuller #6
Answer to Fuller #7
Answer to Fuller #8
Answer to Fuller #9
Answer to Fuller #10
Answer to Fuller #11
Answer to Fuller #12
Answer to Fuller #13
Answer to Fuller #14
Answer to Fuller #15
Answer to Fuller #16

By Samuel Trott
Son of God and Godhead
The Sonship of Christ
The Word Was Made Flesh
The Three-Oness of God
The Absolute Predestination of All Things

By B.R. White
The Organization of The Particular Baptist, 1644-1660
Isaac Watts
The Glory of Christ as the God-Man Displayed
This is a digital copy from Google Books and is a very large file
By James Wells
Predestination: Relative to the Elect and Non-Elect
By Washington Wilks
The Unavoidable Results of God's Absolute Will and Sovereign Decrees
John Skepp
Divine Energy: Efficaious Opperations of the Spirit of God
Joseph Taylor
A Discourse of the Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ
The Exceeding Riches of Grace...
S. E Pierce
Commentary on John 17
By Joseph Hussey
God's Operation of Grace #1
God's Operaton of Grace #2
By Philip Doddridge
The Nature of God and the Divinity of the Son and Spirit